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There are different types of tea produced in India, and each one has advantages of its own. Here is the recipe for Gud Ki Chai, commonly referred to as jaggery tea, which is renowned for having a number of health advantages. Gud Ki chai is known for improving in normal blood circulation in the body, which helps with warmth and relieves weakness and fatigue in the winter. Here is the easiest recipe you may use to make Gud Ki Chai you can relish.

Ingredients of Gud Chai (Jaggery Tea)

2 Cups Milk

Foodia Jaggery Tea, Ginger Jaggery Tea, Vilaychi Jaggery Tea, Masala Jaggery Tea(flavor of your choice)

& a lot of Joy

To Make This Simple Tea Recipe


Milk in a saucepan


This is a special recipe that Is made specifically to avoid curdling of milk when Jaggery Is added to Tea.


Jaggrey Tea



Strain into a cup


Once the tea is brewed, Sit back, Relax and Enjoy your cup of Perfect Foodia Jaggery Tea.

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