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Tea is loved by everyone but the Sugar in it & its harmful effects on health has made it challenging for health-conscious people.

Jaggery when boiled with milk results in curdling, overcoming this was a big obstacle, but for young Nitin Nagare, this challenge became his very motivation. After relentless efforts he invented the unique formula of jaggery tea, which never curdles & tastes authentic and delivers the same punch with every cup.

Our Founders says, “We believe that only Jaggery as a sweetener can replace sugar at a large scale with cost effectiveness also providing all the health benefits without compromising on the taste”.

Our Vision is to be a leading brand in tea and coffee by doing relentless innovations, proving highest quality with affordable prices.

Our Mission is to deliver – WOW

We provide a variety of products such as Ready-mix Jaggery Tea and Premix Jaggery Tea in multiple flavours like Ginger, Cardamom, Masala, Classic, etc. Along with Jaggery tea, we have a range of brewing machines. Automatic, semi-automatic, Bot Automatic tea Brewers with different capacities are available.

We promise that Foodia Jaggery Tea doesn’t get curdled while boiling with milk.

Replacing sugar tea with Jaggery Tea can help you enjoy all health benefits without compromising on the taste.

Our Culinary Journey of 14 years

Our journey began in 2009 in the basement of our fast-food restaurant in a small town of Maharashtra called Ahmednagar.

Since 2009, Khaugalli Restaurant has been a beacon of culinary delight, evolving from a modest eatery to a beloved dining destination. Over the years, Khaugalli’s commitment to excellence led to ventures beyond its walls, including premix manufacturing in 2016 and a strategic foundation of new exclusive production unit Mapricot foods pvt. ltd. in year 2020.

In 2023, Khaugalli took another leap forward with the establishment of Khaugalli Foods Pvt Ltd, marking a milestone in its journey of growth and innovation. Reflecting on these achievements, we celebrate not just the brand’s success, but also its unwavering dedication to quality, authenticity, and culinary innovation.

As we raise our glasses to 14 years of Khaugalli, we honor the resilience, determination, and passion that have defined this culinary odyssey. Here’s to many more years of delighting palates and creating unforgettable experiences!

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